How Tremont Waters continues to prove he was steal of 2019 NBA Draft


The minimal hype surrounding Tremont Waters is another example of the power of Tacko Fall. If not for the big man, the point guard would get all the attention in Maine.

But while he may not be grabbing all the headlines, Waters has caught the attention of scouts on opposing teams. And he was named November’s G League Player of the Month.

Tremont cooked this dude

— Dan Greenberg (@StoolGreenie) January 7, 2020

Waters gets after it, so much so that he’s looking like the steal of the 2019 NBA Draft. Because, not only is he playing well, the Celtics somehow got him with the 51st pick in the draft.

Sure, he has some room to grow. Waters isn’t playing at the same level as second overall pick Ja Morant or No. 13 Tyler Herro, but there’s a lot to like about his game.

“Tremont is a just bucket-getter,” Jaylen Brown told reporters in Washington. “He comes in, he’s super-talented, super-skilled. He’s (the) smallest guy on the court, but probably one of the most skilled guys on the court. So, when you put him in the game, he’s always looking to make something happen. And he usually does.”

Another thing that separates Waters from others is his understanding of the game. That’s a particularly important quality for someone as undersized as he is. It’s why he makes smart plays on both ends of the floor.

In Monday’s 99-94 loss to the Wizards, Waters was able to showcase much of what he’s capable of doing. (For a complete recap of the Celtics' loss, click here.)

Although the C’s weren’t able to leave Washington with a win, Waters did his best to give his veteran teammates a shot. He scored eight points in eight minutes of action on 3-for-6 shooting (2-for-2 at the free-throw line). The only thing he struggled with was his 3-point shooting (0-for-3).

Water also had a steal and an assist, and was one of three Celtics who had a plus-minus over zero (he, Daniel Theis and Grant Williams were all +1).

“They helped dig us out of a hole. … We got to tip our hats to those guys,” Marcus Smart said of Waters and Williams. “They continue to get better each and every day.”

Waters should become a larger part of this team’s plans at some point. Probably not this year, especially since he can only be with Boston for a limited number of days. Though, the Celtics may have to call on Waters more for portions of January and February with the way their schedule lays out.

Either way, it’s not hard to see he should’ve gone higher in the draft. But that’s not something the Celtics should ever feel the need to complain about.

“I’m just taking my time with everything,” Waters said following the loss. “I’m embracing my opportunities and just keeping a steady mindset of just get better every day and stay ready. And everything that is going to play out is going to take care of itself. Just keep a steady mindset and just keep going.”

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