Kemba Walker receives Top-20 2K rating, edged out by Kyrie Irving

Kemba Walker
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Not even 12 hours after the Madden NFL 20 ratings were released on Monday, NBA 2K20 revealed its Top-20 player ratings — because the Association couldn’t let the NFL control the news cycle for too long.

While the Patriots had two players receive 90-plus ratings — Tom Brady (96) and Stephon Gilmore (94) — no Celtics player eclipsed that mark. However, Kemba Walker did crack the Top-20 list, finishing with an 88 rating. Jimmy Butler, Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert, and Blake Griffin all received the same mark, though Butler was ranked 16th and Walker was No. 17.

16-20 -- #2KRatings 16) @JimmyButler 8⃣8⃣17) @KembaWalker 8⃣8⃣18) @SpidadMitchell 8⃣8⃣19) @RudyGobert27 8⃣8⃣20) @BlakeGriffin23 8⃣8⃣

— NBA 2K20 (@NBA2K) July 16, 2019

And since we’re going to spend all year comparing Walker to his predecessor, Kyrie Irving, it seems worthwhile to point out the Nets point guard received a 91 rating. Joel Embiid received the same rating and came in at No. 10, while Irving was listed 11th.

11-15 -- #2KRatings 11) @KyrieIrving 9⃣1⃣12) Nikola Jokic 9⃣0⃣13) @RussWest44 9⃣0⃣14) @KlayThompson 8⃣9⃣15) @KarlTowns 8⃣9⃣

— NBA 2K20 (@NBA2K) July 16, 2019

6-10 -- #2KRatings 6) @StephenCurry 9⃣5⃣7) @AntDavis23 9⃣4⃣8) @Yg_Trece 9⃣3⃣9) @Dame_Lillard 9⃣2⃣10) @JoelEmbiid 9⃣1⃣

— NBA 2K20 (@NBA2K) July 16, 2019

According to 2K, the top-ranked players entering the 2019-20 season are the Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James, who both received a 97. (James is listed first.) The reigning MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo, came in at No. 3 with a 96, receiving the same rating as Kevin Durant and James Harden.

The top 5 rated players in NBA 2K20! #2KRatings 1) @KingJames 9⃣7⃣2) @KawhiLeonard 9⃣7⃣3) @Giannis_An34 9⃣6⃣4) @KDTrey5 9⃣6⃣5) @JHarden13 9⃣6⃣

— NBA 2K20 (@NBA2K) July 16, 2019

Antetokounmpo’s rating is fair, given he’s deficient from three. But it seems like the reigning MVP should probably at least be tied for top-billing. Also, Paul George, who was up for 2019 MVP and Defensive Player of the Year, only receiving a 93 — putting him behind Anthony Davis (94) — isn’t right. He should probably be a 95, like Steph Curry, since George is one of the few guys on this list who can dominate both ends of the floor.