Kendrick Perkins has a trade proposal for Danny Ainge

By WEEI 93.7

Although there hasn’t been anything linking the Celtics to Oklahoma City’s Steven Adams since the summer, the Thunder big man is continuously brought up when looking at possible trade targets for Boston.

Despite the Thunder being No. 7 in the Western Conference standings, reports indicate they are prepared to do business with anyone. So Adams could be moved.

Kendrick Perkins thinks the Celtics should take advantage fo the situation.

“I think they need a defensive anchor at the center position, although Enes Kanter has been playing well (and Daniel) Theis has been playing extremely well,” Perkins said while on Dale and Keefe on Thursday. “But I think, in the playoffs, they’re missing that defensive anchor. They’re missing a guy like Steven Adams.”

“If you’re Boston and you’re Oklahoma City, who says no to this trade: Gordon Hayward for Steven Adams? Who says no?”

One person who says no to the trade is Kanter — even though he was very close to Adams while in OKC, where they were known as the Stache Bros.

Don’t do drugs kids!

— Enes Kanter (@EnesKanter) January 23, 2020

Also, a Hayward-Adams swap isn’t that simple — even if the Celtics were interested. OKC is already into the tax and they want to get under it with these moves. Hayward makes almost $7 million more than Adams. The Thunder would have to offer up more to at least match the money. Then there’s the whole matter of the Celtics having a hard cap this year.

Despite Perkins’ plea, Adams to Boston still seems unlikely.