Kendrick Perkins rips Kyrie Irving on Dale and Keefe

By WEEI 93.7

Kendrick Perkins has made it fairly clear he’s all set with Kyrie Irving. The former Celtics center wasn’t a fan of how the point guard handled his time in Boston, and Perkins isn’t exactly a fan of the way he’s carrying himself in Brooklyn either.

“Everybody has that one family member, you go to gatherings and you be like, ‘Oh lord, here he goes talking again,’ or ‘she goes talking again. It’s kind of annoying, but people be like, ‘Let her finish,’ or ‘Let him finish.’” the RADIO.COM NBA insider said on Dale and Keefe. “That’s how I view Kyrie. Like, ‘Oh, OK man, let me know when he’s done. Nobody takes Kyrie seriously.”

Perkins then took a moment to offer Irving advice:

“Just shut the hell up,” he said. “Like, literally. Because every time he talks, he puts his foot right in his mouth. He really needs to stay away from the microphone.”