Mookie Betts on his time in Boston: 'That was a great chapter in my life'


Mookie Betts and David Price were introduced as members of the Dodgers organization for the first time on Wednesday. Price made a number switch, changing to No. 33 out of respect to former Rays teammate James Shields. Betts is still wearing 50, the same number he wore throughout his Red Sox career.

The two spent most of their time talking about their future: the chance to help the Dodgers win, getting to know new teammates. Though, Betts didn’t have much to say regarding the possibility of discussing an extension with his new team.

“Right now, I just got here,” he told reporters in Los Angeles. “Still trying to find a house and all those types of things. And so, I’m not really thinking about that. I’m just focused on staying with 2020 and going from there.”

Betts was only asked directly about his time in Boston once. But the moment when he talked about the importance of chemistry in the clubhouse and how it can help a team win the World Series felt like a commentary about the group he left behind.

“Those relationships are — translate to between the lines,” he said. “That’s when you see a team really become a team, and that’s how you win a World Series.”

Price looks back on that World Series-winning season as one of his greatest memories from his time with the Red Sox, on top of all the success the organization had throughout his four years in Boston.

“We won a lot of games. We won three AL East Division titles and we were able to win a World Serie in 2018,” Price said. “And, for myself, 2018 was very special there at the end. And those are very, very good memories for myself.”

While the World Series also stood out for Betts, he had a tougher time pinning down the best memory from his time with the Red Sox.

“I have a lot of memories in Boston,” he said. “Obviously, I’d say the most fun is the World Series. But, you know, from the debuts to ins and outs of everyday being around Boston, I have so many memories. That was a great chapter in my life for sure.”

Now Betts has to get acclimated to LA. There are still adjustments he has to make, but one won’t be wearing a different name across his chest. Although he’s worn the same one since 2014 and was drafted by the Red Sox in 2011, Betts accepted the reality of playing for a different organization when his name started popping up in trade rumors.

“It was definitely something new. I’d been in trade rumors, I think, my first year. And after that, it kind of went away,” Betts said. “And so now they came back. It was definitely something new I had to get used to. I think once I kind of accepted that it may happen everything was pretty much fine. I’m essentially going to play the same game, just with a different uniform.”