Nets may not be sold on Kyrie Irving as team’s lone star

Celtics guard Kyrie Irving
Photo credit USA Today Sports

In the course of the Celtics’ chaos, one thing that can easily be overlooked: Kyrie Irving could be flying solo when he heads to Brooklyn. Even before Kevin Durant got hurt, the idea was he favored the Knicks over the Nets. And there’s reportedly been indication D’Angelo Russell isn’t trying to stick around to play Robin to Irving’s Batman.

So the situation in Brooklyn could be Irving as the lone superstar. No Big Three or even a dynamic duo. Just Irving.

That’s a scenario the Nets may not be too keen on. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski explained the situation on “Get UP!”:

“What Brooklyn would like to have is not just Kyrie Irving, but (have) a second star come in with him. Obviously, Kevin Durant is that player. If they don’t get a second star, it will be interesting to see if Brooklyn wants to have Kyrie Irving as a solo act. That didn’t go so great in Boston last year. So, we’ll see if Brooklyn is still following through on just Kyrie Irving. Because if they don’t take Kyrie Irving, they can just bring back D’Angelo Russell at a lower number, young player. But their focus with the Nets, let’s get two stars (and) try to get Kyrie Irving to go out and recruit KD for him to come together.”

Woj says that if Nets don't land another star with Kyrie that they'll just keep D'Angelo Russell instead. Brooklyn isn't sold on Kyrie's ability to run a team alone.

— Chris Montano (@gswchris) June 19, 2019

Imagine that? After everything that’s gone on, the team Irving supposedly wants to play for may not even want him.