Odd things discussed at Celtics Media Day


It’s hard to decide which Celtic had the best Media Day entrance.

The door frame leading into the press conference room had to be at least a foot and a half too short for Tacko Fall. Jaylen Brown revealed his new haircut in person for the first time. But the unofficial award probably goes to Enes Kanter. He brought the media cookies. Though, he didn’t make them, which he did disclose.

All in all, Kanter probably won "most interesting press conference," too. That shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Here are some of the odd things that came up:

—Kanter’s wrestling career. He won the WWE’s 24/7 Title this summer. He actually wants to join the WWE when he’s done playing basketball. In the course of discussing his passion for wrestling, Kanter also took a slight jab at NCAA rules, which prevented him from playing college basketball and helped lead to his WWE fandom.

My goal this offseason is to get @EnesKanter to fall in love with baseball. This would make the world a better place.

— Rob Bradford (@bradfo) September 30, 2019

—Jayson Tatum received recognition for completing what he agreed was a “season-long quest” in 2018-19: his beard connects. (Personally, my favorite weird note from the day.)

—Marcus Smart explained how Jaylen Brown’s haircut is symbolic of the Celtics focusing on what’s ahead and not what’s behind them.

“I think that lets you know just how fresh a start it is,” Smart said.

Also, when Brown got his haircut, he was also not aware the NBA would be re-measuring players this year.

A friend mentioned to Brown, “You cut your hair and it’s a contract year? What are you doing?”

—Fall once gave himself concussion by not ducking when walking through a door. The bizarre height-related stories never end with him.

—Gordon Hayward has been in the NBA the longest of anyone on the team. He’s entering his 10th year in the league. (Not that odd, but I’m not sure when else this will be mentioned.)

—Lastly — and this was not brought up in the course of Media Day — but Semi Ojeleye has the best hair on the team. And for those who think I’m joking: I’ve never been more serious about anything in my life.

Here’s your Semi Ojeleye hair update: pic.twitter.com/jCfs46FwOZ

— Chris Grenham (@chrisgrenham) September 30, 2019