Red Sox notes: Ron Roenicke uncertain if Dustin Pedroia will be at first full-team workout


Catchers are already in camp, but the rest of the Red Sox position players don’t have to be in Fort Myers until Sunday to receive their physicals — though many have already shown up. The first full-team workout is on Monday.

But the Red Sox may be without one player when things get rolling. Dustin Pedroia.

The second baseman had a significant setback with the rehabilitation of his left knee in January. Ron Roenicke hasn’t spoken with Pedroia in over a month, and he hasn’t received an update from anyone else since.

“I don’t really know,” Roenicke said when asked if Pedroia will be at Monday’s workout. “Our medical group hasn’t talked to him lately to see where he’s at. I’ll probably try to call him today (Wednesday) or (Thursday) and find out where we are and what he’s thinking and try to go from there.”

—— One of the big head-scratchers with the Red Sox in 2019 was their decision to not designate a closer. Aside from having Matt Barnes almost exclusively face the three best hitters from the opposing lineup every appearance, no Boston reliever really had a set role.

Though, later in the season, Brandon Workman was the one frequently called upon to handle the ninth inning.

“I think with what he did last year, he deserves that shot to be the closer,” Roenicke said.

And Workman won’t be the only reliever who has an established role. The Red Sox interim manager plans to designate roles for all the guys.

But, Roenicke still wants to allow for some wiggle room. Just in case he wants to try something different on a given day.

“I think it’s always more ideal if you have roles for those guys,” he said. “But I also realize that, sometimes, and if you explain it right, sometimes those roles should change. … I don’t think it always has to be an automatic, but I know, mentally, these guys handle things better if they know what’s going on.

“If I have that discussion with them earlier and say, ‘Hey listen, you’re our closer, but I need you to stop an inning in the eighth because it’s important,’ I think they’re fine with that.

Pedro Martinez working with top Red Sox pitching prospect Bryan Mata.

— WEEI (@WEEI) February 12, 2020

——With Roenicke moving up from bench coach to interim manager, the Red Sox are left with another opening on the coaching staff. They expect to fill the position later in the spring. 

“We really haven’t talked about it,” Roenicke said. “Chaim (Bloom) and BOH (Red Sox general manager Brian O'Halloran) have been so busy trying to figure out the trades and figure out the managing spot.”

Roenicke expects to discuss the matter with the Bloom and O'Halloran more on Wednesday and Thursday.

Pedro Martinez working with top Red Sox pitching prospect Bryan Mata.

— WEEI (@WEEI) February 12, 2020