Tom Brady to receive his sixth Super Bowl ring this week

By WEEI 93.7

In a few days, Tom Brady will take another big step in his continued pursuit of having a Super Bowl ring for each day of the week. According to Mike Reiss of ESPN, Brady and his teammates will receive their rings for winning Super Bowl LIII at Robert Kraft’s home on Thursday, and it’s expected to be a packed house.

This, of course, is Brady’s sixth ring, putting him ahead of former defensive end and linebacker Charles Haley, who won five between his stints with the 49ers and the Cowboys. That will officially give Brady the most rings of any individual player in the history of the sport.

More importantly, Brady only has to double up with one ring per week now. (Which has to be on Saturday, right?) Although, with the circles of people Brady runs in outside of football, that’s probably a tough look. (Maybe that’s his true motivation in this unrelenting pursuit of more titles.)