What to watch with no live sports: Kendrick Perkins losing it over Fortnite

By WEEI 93.7
We’re in April and still no live sports now.
If you haven’t lost all hope and resorted to books with no pictures, I’ve got some viewing options for you. Use them however you see fit: as a guide, a jumping-off point or even a gauge of what you should socially distance yourself from. Whatever helps.
Here are some ideas for Wednesday, April 1:


There are a lot of new options on Netflix starting today. There’s the Matrix trilogy. If you’re not feeling the sci-fi action, then The Hangover is available. If neither of those work, then you can watch Taxi Driver. The Social Network is on Netflix now, as well.


The Celtics’ October matchup against the Bucks this season will air on NBC Sports Boston at 7 p.m. Kemba Walker was particularly good in this game.

NESN will carry Game 4 of the 2013 World Series at 7 p.m. Then the first game of Bruins-Flyers in the 2011 Eastern Conference Semifinals starts at 9 p.m.

On ESPN, from 7 p.m. to 2:30 a.m., you can watch their April Fools’ Day Marathon, which will feature all the trick plays and trick shots you can handle.