Woj explains future of sports betting in NBA on 5 Out

By WEEI 93.7

As sports betting becomes legalized across the country, the NBA — like the NFL, NHL and MLB — is forced to establish a game plan. Even though it can be a significant source of revenue, sports betting isn’t something leagues can embrace without a second thought.

But the NBA is progressive, more so than any other league. Along with the players, NBA commissioner Adam Silver promotes the opportunity for constant change.

So, the NBA is making a point to look into gambling, like it has with any other issue or idea.

And the future looks bright for those who like to make NBA games more interesting, based on what ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski shared on WEEI.com’s 5 Out:

“Adam Silver has done a 180 on gambling in the NBA. David Stern, in his era, was adamantly against really having any kind of a gambling influence around the league. That’s changed,” Woj said. “You see the league doing marketing deals with gambling in mind. And as state laws change, that certainly impacts it.

“But, the chance to get at that revenue and how much money is being bet — for all the pro sports — to be able to get their hands on even just a small percentage of that money is a tremendous new revenue stream. And these leagues are looking to make money. So, I don’t think there’s any questioning that gambling on site is going to be part of the league’s future.”

When asked if he could see a day where Celtics fans will be able to place bets at the Garden on a game, Woj said, “Yes.” 

“Whether how soon that is (I don’t know),” he added. “But where there’s an ability to make that much money, leagues are finding their way toward it, and I think that’s another example of it.”

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