Ainge: Celtics used Mark Wahlberg, LL Cool J for motivational Zoom calls


Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge took some time to hold a conference call with the media Wednesday:

- An optimistic Ainge: "I'm holding out hope we're going to be playing basketball this year."

- When it comes to the uncertainty of the salary cap, Ainge said, "All we can do is try and project the best we can." Ainge noted that he is spending his time watching a lot of film, projecting for free agency and the Draft."

- On the hiatus, Ainge said the Celtics are conducting Zoom calls involving motivational and guest speakers. Mark Wahlberg, LL Cool J, Jim Cash and Dr. Myron Rolle were some of those speaking to the team remotely.

- Regarding NBA Draft Ainge noted, "You still have to keep working and preparing as if the Draft is still going to be on June 25." Has had calls with some Draft prospects.

- Talked about the importance of seeing Rajon Rondo in a Draft workout, "I don't think we would have drafted him." Also pointed out that Celtics drafted Avery Bradley without a Draft workout, which was also the case when he was with the Suns and they drafted Steve Nash.

- Ainge has enjoyed being at home watching old Celtics games with his sons.

- Ainge watched "The Last Dance" documentary with his family. "When I would chime in with a comment they would pretty much gave me the hush ... They were really, really into it." He talked about how intrigued his family with who Michael Jordan was while with the Bulls.

- "Right we're preparing to play, that's all we can do."

- On the idea of playing in empty gyms, "It's not ideal, but it's better than not playing. ... It's not ideal, but I think it can work."