Chaim Bloom clarifies rumors regarding returns of MLB, Alex Cora

By WEEI 93.7

Appearing on OMF Tuesday afternoon, Chaim Bloom had a pair of Red Sox-centric rumors to address.

The first was in regard to a tweet sent out by former major leaguer Trevor Plouffe Monday.

Want some good baseball news??I just heard from multiple sources that on June 10th, Spring Training 2 will start. July 1st will be Opening Day and all teams will be playing at their home ballparks.We’ll be discussing it in full on the next @TalkinBaseball_

— Trevor Plouffe (@trevorplouffe) May 4, 2020

When asked about the idea of a July 1 Opening Day, Bloom did his best to offer some clarification.

"I think people are getting out ahead of themselves with the specifics," said the Red Sox Chief Baseball Officer on the show hosted by Glenn Ordway, Lou Merloni and Christian Fauria. "The specific timetable is still obviously up in the air and there is so much that goes into determining that. This is obviously unusual for sports. This is something that is well beyond our control. … We have to be responsive to what is possible and the needs and safety of the community. So I think to put any specific timetable on it is premature. But the amount of communication, the amount of effort that is going into figuring out when and how we can get back out there safely is true."

Bloom went on to elaborate on some of the obstacles still facing any return, including getting the players in position to even compete in another spring training.

"Even if we have a spring training, however long that spring training is, guys will need to get ramped up well in advance of that to make sure they’re in shape and make sure they can safely get back up to ready to roll whenever the season does start," he said.

Bloom added, "We are so used to working backward from a specific start date and we can’t do that right now. So we’re trying to keep them at a level that is responsible where we’re not trying to get them at too high a gear and then ask them to hold. But we also want to make sure they don’t run out of time to get up to speed if and when we do get a specific start date. So we’re just trying to find that happy medium. It’s a challenge and a layer on top of that is that guys don’t have access to the same facilities that they normally would during this time.So sometimes there are logical limitations to it. So we’re just trying our best to work around it."

As for the other rumor -- that of the idea that Ron Roenicke is just keeping the manager's seat warm for an Alex Cora return in 2021 -- Bloom took the same tone he did when MLB's punishment of the Red Sox came down involving the 2018 cheating scandal.

"I get that is an obvious question in the air but I just want to return to what I said on that day which is the reason that we parted ways with Alex was not because we were presuming any involvement or any guilt in the investigation into the Red Sox," Bloom said. "We were reserving judgment on that just like we were asking all our fans to. It was because of what went on in Houston, his role in that and how we felt it impacted his ability to lead our club. All of that obviously is still true. So that’s not part of the thought process at all. It’s not on our radar. We have a manager. We have a really good manager who we like. As I said on that day also, I didn’t know (Roenicke) well when we handed him the reigns it was shocking to me given everything the group had been through just how in some sense — obviously until the coronavirus got us — how normal, how calm, how professional spring training was. And I think that’s a credit to our players but you don’t get that without having a really good manager in that chair. We’re really happy with how he’s doing and hopefully, we can get back out there so we can see him action. But, no, that really wasn’t part of the thought process at all."