Limiting high-fives part of Red Sox' plan to combat Coronavirus

By WEEI 93.7

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- When it comes to the coronavirus, Ryan Brasier isn't panicking. He is, however, adjusting.

"I don’t know, honestly. I don’t want to be one of the freak-out people but obviously signing a bunch of autographs is a good way to get sick, especially if every single person is using the same pen, or holding the same ball," the Red Sox pitcher told "I’m kind of just going to wait and see if the team is going to do something. I will probably sign some but hopefully, there were be some hand sanitizer on hand somewhere.

"They told us to do whatever we want to do. But if 80 percent of us don’t sign and 20 percent do they can still get sick and get everybody in here sick. I don’t know what the answer to all that is. Obviously, not signing no one is going to sick. But at the same time, you don’t want to piss fans off. I think fans truly will understand if guys don’t want to sign. Or handshakes. A lot of guys will go to fist bumps or elbow taps. Around fans, I think it will be a lot more cautious."

Brasier was part of the meeting run by team doctor Dr. Larry Ronan Sunday, debriefing the Red Sox on the basics when it comes to the coronavirus and some steps each individual can take to avoid illness.

For instance: High-fives?

"He said probably we shouldn’t," said interim Red Sox manager Ron Roenicke. "It’s probably the smartest way to go. That’s everything -- guys have regular flu or the cold. That’s how it’s spread."

Added Roenicke, "Probably the hardest thing for us in this industry is not to high five -- you do it multiple times a game. A guy comes in and everybody’s .. I don’t think we’re quite there but I know there were some elbows yesterday and guys are thinking about it. Hopefully, we get a handle on this worldwide and we don’t have to think about this too much more."

As for the meeting with the Red Sox, Roenicke noted it didn't lead to any sweeping alterations as of yet.

"There hasn’t been that many changes other than the awareness is there," he said. "We’ve told guys if you’re not comfortable doing certain things, signing autographs or whatever, do whatever you’re comfortable with. MLB sent some things along too, and with Dr. Ronan explaining how we can make sure we’re doing the right things and washing our hands all the time and carrying stuff out with the medical staff out on the field, just to make sure we’re doing some smart things. ... Obviously, it’s a concern. I don’t want to say right now just stay away from everybody. Right now spring training is a huge interaction with fans and it’s nice they can be out there on the practice fields walking around. Just for us to be careful with what we do."