Details emerge why Dolphins fired former Patriots coach Chad O'Shea

By WEEI 93.7

It seemed like a perfect fit.

Brian Flores, the new head coach of the Dolphins, securing the services of one of the valued members of the Patriots' coaching staff Chad O'Shea to become Miami's offensive coordinator. Many believed O'Shea was potentially on the fast track to serve in the same capacity in New England if Josh McDaniels ever moved on.

And when the Dolphins went on to win three of their last five games -- including a season-ending victory in Foxboro -- everything pointed to O'Shea immersing himself as part of the rebuilding of the Dolphins.

But, according to the Miami Herald, it was far from an ideal marriage.

In a story released Wednesday, the Herald revealed that O'Shea was fired in the middle of a Dec. 30 exit interview with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick for reasons that are just now starting to become public.

Multiple sources (although, according to the Herald, not Fitzpatrick or Flores) identified the reason for O'Shea's dismissal being due to the inability to run an offense that the Dolphins players had a difficult time grasping. It was a system that was tailor-made for veteran NFL minds such as Tom Brady and McDaniels and not a group like the Dolphins, which other than Fitzpatrick didn't have an offensive starter in their 30's.

The Herald story states:

The Patriots offense is considered complex, but a player said O’Shea made the situation worse by trying to install especially complicated, advanced elements of the Patriots offense that Brady and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels used. 
Those plays and terminology might be second nature to Brady in years 17, 18 and 19 of his career there but would confuse young Dolphins who were learning the Dolphins offense for the first time.
O’Shea would go to Flores and say a player didn’t know the playbook, but some of the players felt O’Shea wasn’t doing a good job teaching it.

O'Shea was replaced by 67-year-old Chan Gailey, who last coached with the Jets in 2016. His most notable task will be getting first-round pick Tua Tagovailoa up to speed at quarterback.