Enes Kanter reveals word he will put on back of his jersey

By WEEI 93.7

Enes Kanter is utilizing his platform to emphasize the importance of one word.

The Celtics center announced Thursday that he will be putting "Freedom" on the back of his jersey when the NBA season resumes later this month. It is an opportunity made possible by the league's acceptance of participating players displaying social justice messages instead of their last names.

"I think now the whole NBA and the whole world know what I'm representing," Kanter told CNN.

"If you look at what is going on in the world right now lots of people out there need their freedom and they are fighting for it. That word means so much to me. That's why I think I'm going to put 'freedom' behind my jersey. My message to the whole world and all the people out there: Keep fighting for freedom. Keep fighting for justice. Stand for what you believe and never back down. Don't let any dictatorship silence you because your human rights and freedom and justice is the most important thing in life."

The whole world knows what I stand forThis is what I will be putting on the back of my jersey during rest of the @NBA seasonMy jersey will represent the people & countries through out the‘WHOLE WORLD’who are fighting for their rights & their freedomNever Give Up ✊@CNN pic.twitter.com/7MV87lq8NB

— Enes Kanter (@EnesKanter) July 2, 2020

Once a rising modern Muslim democracy, Turkey is now trailing in almost all indices that rank countries based on Media Freedom, Transparency, Rule Of Law,and Human Rights.Please read my oped with @AlArabiya_Eng --@EmilyLJudd https://t.co/VBScnQH9Z5

— Enes Kanter (@EnesKanter) July 2, 2020

How can you ever feel down or tired listening to ⁦@EnesKanter⁩? #Celtics big wrapped Thursday pressed telling the media on Zoom “I hope you all are staying well. I love you all. I miss you all. Please mention me in your Twitters.” Done. pic.twitter.com/TNxG0wBE2f

— Celtics on CLNS (@CelticsCLNS) July 2, 2020