Former Patriot Asante Samuel: I get why Tom Brady left


Asante Samuel played five seasons with the Patriots under head coach Bill Belichick, going to three Super Bowls. But evidently the experience wasn't all that it was cracked up to be.

"It worked out for me, man. It made me a better man, but it's not something I enjoyed," Samuel said.

The topic of playing for the Patriots came up when TMZ caught up with the former cornerback to talk about Tom Brady's departure from Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

Samuel, who went on to play four seasons with Philadelphia (making the Pro Bowl in the first three years with the Eagles), was not complimentary of Belichick's style of coaching, leading the 39-year-old to surmise that perhaps Brady needed a different approach.

"He probably just got fed up with it at the end of the day," Samuel said of Brady and Belichick.

He added, "He probably just got tired of it. He probably got tired of some inner-circle things that he wanted. Maybe, he wanted receivers and tight ends to stay there with him and maybe Bill tried to trade them. Who knows what happened?"

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