Gordon Hayward details good, bad, awkward of NBA bubble


Gordon Hayward plays basketball, streams video games, sleeps, remotely chats with his family, and now ... blogs.

The Celtics forward took the time to offer some insight into what life inside the NBA bubble is like in Orlando, posting on his own blog. (To read the entire entry, click here.)

Here is a synopsis:

- Hayward's wife, who is due with the couple's fourth child in September, is moving back to Indiana where she will the baby. Both sides of the family lives in the state. He notes that before he left for Orlando he taught his two oldest daughters how to communicate on their iPad, a routine the family executes almost every day.

- The initial 36-hour quarantine was spent by Hayward sleeping, playing video games and working out. "So to me," he writes, "it wasn't that bad."

- Every player has a magic band that also serves as a room key while getting scanned before and after every practice. They are being tested for COVID-19 every day, also filling out a daily questionnaire.

- Hayward notes the days feel a lot like a training camp, particularly when the team went to Newport for a week. He writes, "You wake up, go eat, come back, hang out for a little bit. Maybe you have practice in the morning or early afternoon. You come back. You go eat again. Get treatment. You have a meeting. You come back, you eat again, you go get tested. You go back to your room. So there hasn’t been that much free time. There’s small pockets throughout the day of free time, but not much."

- The players have been very pleased with the internet connection, which is of the utmost importance considering how much gaming is going on.

Hayward points out, "There’s one conference room for each team, which is kind of like a meeting room and dining room, and it’s like an eight-minute walk from the rooms. But there’s one hallway to get there. So everybody walks down this hallway throughout the day at different times and you have to be wearing your mask the whole time. So you run into people from the different teams every day, and the coaches and all that stuff. It’s almost like passing period in high school, where you’re just constantly running into people and seeing the same people. Once we start playing games and competing against each other that might get a little weird."

- As for how the Celtics look, "The thing that stands out for us right now is just the amount of talent that we have. It always stands out when we have practices, because everyone kind of has their moment where they seem to take over a little bit and, it just shows how much depth and talent we have. JT looks good. He’s just an unbelievably talented scorer for such a young player. He’s been knocking down shots and doing what he does. Same goes for Jaylen. He’s so talented for being so young and already plays the game at his own pace and does such a good job. It’s good to see them not missing a beat. We all have seen those guys play really well over their careers already, and over this last year in particular. So it’s good to be back with them."

We’ll be ready. ☘️ pic.twitter.com/EldwbfzS50

— Gordon Hayward (@gordonhayward) June 26, 2020