Gov. Sununu on GHS: South Korean, Russian table tennis huge for N.H. gamblers

By WEEI 93.7

Judging by Gov. Chris Sununu's appearance on The Greg Hill Show Tuesday there should be optimism regarding one of New Hampshire's biggest sporting events still taking place this summer.

Sununu was asked his thoughts on whether or not the 2020 NASCAR Xfinity Series Race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway scheduled for July 18 would still be a go despite the COVID-19 restrictions. His response offered the kind of clarity that will make the NASCAR community take notice.

"We haven’t finalized it and we haven’t codified it, but our hope is to kind of finalize that soon and I fully anticipate the NASCAR race happening here at Loudon," Sununu said. "Very similar to what they did with Darlington this past weekend. I don’t anticipate large crowds and maybe even any crowds. But to allow it to happen, to allow the racers to do their thing, to allow them to get their TV contract, and to allow the sports betting. Don’t forget we have the sports betting here in New Hampshire."

As for the other big news involving New Hampshire and professional sports -- the possibility of the NHL staging games in Manchester -- Sununu tempered the previous enthusiasm he had when last appearing on GHS.

"I haven’t heard a thing from them," said Sununu regarding the NHL offices. "Since we talked … I know we were being considered but we really haven’t heard from them since so I don’t know what they are thinking."

Sununu did point out that thanks to his state's online gambling capability, there is one sport which is bizarrely getting a significant amount of interest in the Granite State.

"Can I tell you something on the side, Russian and South Korean table tennis — no joke, this is not a joke — people are betting on it like crazy online right now here in New Hampshire," he said. "It’s unbelievable. The table tennis overseas matches are garnering a lot of sports wagering here in New Hampshire. We were shocked by it. I think there was something like $100,000 of wages placed in a week on a sport I don’t think anybody had seen before."