Jackie Bradley Jr.: Red Sox have never offered contract extension

By WEEI 93.7

While so much talk has been about what will happen with Mookie Betts' future with the Red Sox, another outfielder who is eligible for free agency after the 2020 season also offers some intrigue.

Jackie Bradley Jr. may not have the numbers of Betts, but he does represent significant value to the organization. That's why when appearing on the Bradfo Sho podcast the 29-year-old's responses to questions about his future seemed notable.

Does he think about free agency?

Bradley Jr.: "Yeah, you always think about your time. It’s our work. It’s a lot of years put in in a short amount of time, so to speak. Our windows are so limited."

Has he ever come close to signing an extension with the Red Sox?

Bradley Jr.: "No."

Have the Red Sox ever offered him an extension?

Bradley Jr.: "No."

Is he surprised the Red Sox have never offered him an extension?

Bradley Jr.: "No."

Is he ready to go to free agency unless an offer is made that blows him away?

Bradley Jr.: "Absolutely. 100 percent. Back in the day, it seemed like everyone was excited to test free agency. Obviously with the way things have been going lately some people might not be as excited. I feel like if you have trust in yourself, trust in your ability you should be and I’m still excited about the opportunity to go to free agency."

Bradley Jr. -- who enters Tuesday hitting right around his career average in batting average (.237) and OPS (.725) -- also goes into detail about his frustrations regarding not having consistently good seasons from beginning to end, along with some insight into the challenges of developing a new swing.