Jackie MacMullan offers excellent Michael Jordan, Tom Brady comparison

By WEEI 93.7

Jackie MacMullan had a great vantage point when it came to Michael Jordan's career, explaining in her Thursday appearance on OMF that she "grew up" in a way with the former Bulls star due to career path and age.

The ESPN reporter also has been immersed in the Patriots' run over the past two decades, giving her a decent perspective of how Tom Brady has evolved.

So when MacMullan was asked by OMF hosts Christian Fauria and Glenn Ordway Thursday about how the two superstars' paths might be similar, the answer was enlightening.

"You win more Super Bowls and everybody wants a piece of you. There is no place you can go in peace. I do see similarities to it," MacMullan said. "Also, the other similarity is that when you get to the top what happens? People want to tear you down. Unfortunately it’s human nature. I don’t understand that part of human nature but I’ve watched it happen to so many superstars. We want to build them up and people get tired of them and they want to tear them down.

"What happens is if you’re Jordan or you’re Brady you get a little wounded because you’ve tried to be helpful and open with everybody and then you start to close in and you start to trust less people. And you also start to take control of your own narrative. I think that is what Tom has done much more so than Michael did."

MacMullan also passed on a quick story that also shed some light into how Brady might be approaching things at this point in his career.

"I’ll tell you a funny little thing: After I wrote that this first-person of my experiences covering Michael Jordan — because I went down to Birmingham when he played baseball —after I wrote that I got a text from Stacey James from the Patriots who said, ‘I thought you would like to know that Tom called me to tell me he really liked your Jordan story.’ I wonder why he liked it? I bet he could really, really relate to it," she said.

"Very gracious both of them. Very gracious, at least that’s what I found."