When Michael Jordan sent Antoine Walker a message with Ferraris, sweatsuits


Finding examples of Michael Jordan's competitive nature isn't difficult. But the story offered up by Antoine Walker on the Dale & Keefe Show Wednesday was definitely one of the more entertaining ways of highlighting Jordan's nature.

Walker got a chance to be around Jordan during the summers leading into the Hall-of-Famer's final two seasons with Washington, with both working out in Chicago. One day, however, the former Celtic made the mistake of pulling up to the facility in the kind of car that made Jordan's I'll-show-you spirit bubble to the surface.

"So I had a Bentley and I drove it up to the guy and he saw it. He proceeded to drive five different Ferraris the next five days in five different sweatsuits," Walker explained. "It was weird because it was a competition thing. But I couldn’t compete with him. I didn’t even like little sports cars like Ferraris. But he put me to shame, put my little Bentley to shame."

While it was only two years -- preparing for the 2001-02 and 2002-03 seasons -- Walker got a lifetime of lessons fro Jordan, who finished off his NBA career at the age of 39.

"We worked out together every day those two summers and I became very close with Michael, obviously on and off the court," Walker said. "Some of the best times in my life is being able to be associated and connected with him. I got to know his family really well. Got to know him on a personal level. We trained together. We would go for workouts with Tim Grover every day. So it was great for me to learn his competitive drive at his age, how bad he still wanted to win and compete, instilling all of that in me. It’s about winning title. It’s about being a winner. And learning those things from him are second to none."