Gammons: Mookie Betts will be lucky to get $250 million

By WEEI 93.7

Mookie Betts has routinely stated that his approach toward contracts is all about business.

To this point, the strategy has served him well. He dug in and won a record-setting arbitration case before inking deals of $20 million and $27 million, respectively, in the years just before becoming free agent-eligible.

But now leaning on the business of baseball might not be the best-case scenario for Betts.

Appearing on the Mully & Haugh Show on 670 The Score in Chicago, longtime MLB insider Peter Gammons painted a picture that looked nothing like what this coming free-agent class was banking on. In the interview, he used Betts - the perceived top-money-maker in the group - as an example for the industry's coronavirus-induced financial downturn.

"Free agency is not going to even be, there are no screams -- free agency is going to be a whisper for the next three years," Gammons said. "There are few people that I like better in baseball than Mookie Betts. I thought he was going to make between $350 (million) to $400 million ... He'd be lucky to get up to $250 (million) in free agency this coming winter if they play. It's just the reality of economics. It's true in almost every business."

Gammons added, "The game has no chance of being restored to where they want it to go until 2023. Be realistic, rebuild it, and they won't do it."

Prior to the 2019 season, the Red Sox offered Betts a contract of 10 years, $310 million with the outfielder countering with a deal worth more than $400 million.