The 218 suggested names for Worcester's new baseball team

By WEEI 93.7

According to the Boston Globe there were 218 names suggested by fans when it came to naming the new Triple-A team in Worcester. The winner? The Worcester Red Sox, or the WooSox. Here are the submissions that didn't make the cut:

■ Americans■ Aviators■ BaySox■ Beaneaters■ Bear Sox■ Bears■ Birds■ Black Sox■ Black Stones■ Blacksmiths■ Blast■ Blue Fins■ Bottle Rockets■ Bravehearts■ Brown Sox■ Canal Diggers■ Canal Rats■ Canal Sox■ Canalians■ Canaligators■ Canallers■ Candlepins■ Cannons■ Carmine Hose■ Carmines■ Central Sox■ Chowdaheads■ Claws■ Cods■ Coney Islanders■ Continentals■ Counts■ Crew■ Crewmen■ Damage■ Daredevils■ Deckers■ Defectors■ Diamonds■ Diggers■ Diners■ Dinosaurs■ Dirt Dogs■ Doctors■ Duck Boats■ Ducks■ Engineers■ Express■ Fighting Leafs■ Fighting Lobsters■ Fire■ Fire Sox■ Firefighters■ Forgers■ Freeze■ Gondoliers■ Green Bananas■ Green Monsters■ Green Sox■ Grinders■ Gritty Kitties■ Hammers■ Heart Breakers■ Heart Sox■ Hearts■ Heroes■ Hill Sox■ Hillsiders■ Hilltoppers■ Holy Sox■ Hot Sox■ Hot Weiners■ Hubcaps■ HubSox■ Ice Bears■ Ice Caps■ Ice Sox■ Infield Sox■ Innovators■ Iron Forgers■ Ironmen■ Islanders■ Jesters■ King Pins■ Kings■ Knights■ Llamas■ Locks■ Love■ Lox■ Machine■ Mass Pikers■ Mass Sox■ Masses■ Massholes■ Mechanics■ Med Sox■ Militia■ Millers■ MiniSox■ Minutemen■ Monkey Sox■ Monkey Wrenches■ Monsters■ Mudville 9■ Night Crawlers■ Night Owls■ Nine■ Nipmucs■ Nor’ Easters■ O’ Sox■ Orcas■ Orson Sox■ Osos Polares■ Outlaws■ Owls■ PawSox■ Perfect Curvers■ Perfectors■ Perfectos■ Pikes■ Pilots■ Pins■ Pioneers■ PI’s■ Polar Bears■ Polar Express■ Polar Sox■ PolSox■ Pride■ Pulse■ Raging Rockets■ Red Booties■ Red Fox■ Red Hearts■ Red Richmonds■ Red Stockings■ Rem Dawgs■ Revolution■ Righteous Rebels■ Rise■ Rocket Sox■ RocketMen■ Rockets■ Rooster Sox■ Roosters■ Royal Valentines■ Royals■ Ruby Hearts■ Ruby Legs■ Ruby Reds■ Ruby Sox■ Ruby WooSox■ Seven Hills Sox■ Shears■ Shires■ Silkworms■ Smiles■ Smiley Faces■ Smileys■ Soul Sox■ Space Cowboys■ Spies■ Splendid Splinters■ Splendids■ Splinters■ Spys■ States■ Storm■ TableTalk Sox■ Tornadoes■ Triple Deckers■ Turbine■ Turncoats■ Turtle Boys■ Twistahs■ Valentines■ Vikings■ Volunteers■ Walleyes■ Wallops■ Warlocks■ Warriors■ WarSox■ Waybacks■ Werewolves■ Whalers■ Whirlwinds■ Whistlers■ White Sharks■ Wicked Awesomes■ Wicked Coolers■ Wicked Rockets■ Wicked Worms■ Wild■ Wildcats■ Wildlings■ WildSox■ Wind■ Winners■ Winter Worms■ Winters■ Wire■ Wista Twistas■ WistaSox■ Wizards■ Wonderdogs■ Wonders■ Wool Sox■ WooPeckers■ WooSox■ WooStirs■ Worm Sox■ Worms■ WorSox■ Wrenches■ 351s