The story behind Brock Holt dancing at Joe Kelly's doorbell


It was the first week of baseball's coronavirus-induced hiatus and a lot of people had a lot of time on their hands. So when Ashley Kelly, wife of former Red Sox pitcher Joe Kelly, posted a string of videos of her husband's buddy Brock Holt dancing in front of the Kellys' front door it took off on the internet.

Appearing on the Bradfo Sho podcast, Joe explained how the viral videos came about.

Coming up on @Bradfo_Sho, Ep. 156: Joe Kelly tells the story of Brock Holt dancing in front of his doorbell ...

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With Holt's family still in Boston and the Brewers' utilityman living out of a suitcase in an Arizona hotel room, the Kellys invited him to stay in their Scottsdale home. Not only did Holt become fast friends with Knox Kelly, the hosts' young son, but he also figured out a key feature at the house Ashley particularly relied on.

Joe explained on the podcast ...

— The Bradfo Sho (@Bradfo_Sho) March 27, 2020