Tampa police reportedly placing extra security around Tom Brady's house

By WEEI 93.7

If you were planning on boating by Tom Brady's waterfront rental on Davis Islands in Tampa you might want to change your plans.

According to the blog JoeBucsFan.com, the Tampa police has implemented "extra duty" security in Hillsborough Bay to keep boaters from using Brady's new place of residence as a sight-seeing destination.

Tampa PD “Extra Duty” Outside Tom Brady’s Home (story) https://t.co/anYNGPqKkG

— JoeBucsFan (@JoeBucsFan) May 22, 2020

The Tampa PD started the practice of manning the new post about a week ago according to the report and has set no timetable in terms of how long the extra security will be in place.

According to the piece, "extra duty" represents contracts with private citizens, businesses, and organizations needing an off-duty police presence. Such practices make up more than 200,000 hours annually.

The house is, of course, being rented by Brady from former Yankee Derek Jeter.