Top Boston sports villain? It's Roger Goodell then everyone else

By WEEI 93.7
Villain: A character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot.

Meet Roger Goodell.

In the past few days OMF has surfaced the subject of who might be the biggest villain in the history of Boston sports. It's a good topic and brought up a lot of powerful memories. And I do believe there is a solid chunk names to make a Top 10 list, with enough to probably extend it to 20 or so.

But this is a "who coming in second?" scenario. Goodell owns the Larry Bird-esque walk-off, perhaps with a middle finger held in the air instead the one chosen by Bird in the 1988 3-point shooting contest.

His action? Unjustly kneecap Tom Brady and the Patriots for an equipment violation.

His motive? Prove that he can be a big, bad disciplinarian after bungling the Ray Rice drama.

How is it important to the plot? This was the kind of circle the wagons scenario never seen in the history of Boston sports. The most powerful person in sports trying to single-handedly strip the joy offered by watching the window of a once-in-a-lifetime sport that were Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Goodell can sit in his living room and live the life of the common man -- as he attempted to portray during the NFL Draft -- from here on in, but what is done is done. With no sign of apologies or mea culpas emanating from what will soon be the David Portnoy Man Cave.

No. 2 on the list? To me his is another no-brainer: Bill Laimbeer.

Many of you might be too young to understand the vitriol the sight of the former Pistons center surfaced back in the 1980s but rest assured it was a feeling that nobody else from No. 3 and on can duplicate. And it wasn't just an image contrived by can perception. He exuded dislike, a reality that was punctuated with one Robert Parish punch. (Notice how nobody on the Pistons came to Laimbeer's defense):

After that there is a solid group. Using the aforementioned criteria, here is my Top 10:

1. Roger Goodell - No further explanation needed.

2. Bill Laimbeer - The fact that he looks unlikeable puts him over the top.

3. Alex Rodriguez - Just would continuously do stupid things in a very unlikable manner.

4. Ulf Samuelsson - Ended career of one Boston's favorite athletes and showed little remorse.

5. Jack Tatum - Showed absolutely NO remorse for paralyzing another human being.

6. Kyrie Irving - Offered an all-in impression to Boston fans before revealing himself to be all about is weird self.

7. Eric Mangini - Dime-dropper.

8. LeBron James - Mostly based on the back-and-forth he had with the Celtics as a younger player (along with prioritizing his brand just a bit too much)

9. Roger Clemens - Trying to turn the tide, but we can't forget how despised he was in these parts while pitching for Toronto and New York.