Yankees, Red Sox seem like two different worlds


It was one sentence following the Red Sox' 5-1 loss to the Yankees Friday night, but it spoke volumes.

The question was in regards to whether or not Ron Roenicke was going to stick with Ryan Weber in the starting rotation despite another subpar outing, this one lasting 3 1./3 innings resulting in three runs with four walks along the way.

The manager's response? "Not really, who do we have that I’m going to put in that you can say will be better than Ryan?"

And so there you have it. There just aren't a lot of places for Roenicke to turn when things don't go as planned. This is the Red Sox' lot in life, a reality that was highlighted by the division's cream of the crop, New York.

It just seems like for the Red Sox to win so many things have to go right. This was the case even when they were victorious against the Mets. And it certainly held true during the series opener at Yankee Stadium.

Every pitch Weber made seemingly had to be in the right spot. Every scoring opportunity couldn't be squandered by the offense. Every bit of the lineup construction had to put the right guy at the right time. 

Meanwhile, on the other side, the Yankees could take their chances with back-of-the-rotation Jordan Montgomery. Red Sox-killer Gary Sanchez is 0-for-15 with 10 strikeouts? Let's give him a day down because there's a top of the order -- D.J. LeMahieu, Aaron Judge and Gleyber Torres -- that is will offer plenty of offense while everyone else figures it out. (Judge homered, by the way.)

Back home, and in the zone. #AllRise pic.twitter.com/D97okADjrn

— New York Yankees (@Yankees) August 1, 2020

How about the relievers? The Red Sox' highlight of the night was potential find Phillips Valdez not allowing a run over his 2 2/3 innings. But with everybody in that Sox' bullpen right now there is breath-holding going on. You think you have something with Colten Brewer? Boom. Brett Gardner takes him deep for a two-run homer, the outfielder's first hit of the season. Conversely, the Yankees systematically cart out power and/or proven arms.

Gardy Partyin', Gardy Partyin' (yeah)Gardy Partyin', Gardy Partyin' (yeah)Fun, fun, fun, fun pic.twitter.com/n5dBPPP8DX

— New York Yankees (@Yankees) August 1, 2020

The difference right now is striking.

It certainly doesn't help matters that there is no sense that the Red Sox' middle-of-the-order guys are going to offer any kind of game-changing performances. J.D. Martinez (0 home runs, 2 hits in the last six games) and Rafael Devers are both seemingly lost at the plate and Xander Bogaerts has been OK, but not quite OK enough. The Red Sox' No,. 2 spot is carrying a .615 OPS. And he No. 3 position? That's coming in at .532.

Oh, and the outfielders? They went 1-for-11 with five strikeouts

"Yeah, it’s been tough, we’ve all been grinding," Martinez said. "Fortunately enough today, Bogey looked better, hit the ball hard. It would be nice for one of us to get going a little bit. But, yeah, it’s been a little tough stretch so it’s one of those things, it kind of is what it is."

What it is is uncomfortable to watch.

The Red Sox now turn to Zack Godley and a yet-to-be-determined starter for the series finale. Winning is never easy. It just seems it's appreciably more difficult with this version of the Red Sox.

J.D. Martinez after the Red Sox loss ... pic.twitter.com/ZfBBdfcLuT

— Rob Bradford (@bradfo) August 1, 2020

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