Asante Samuel tries to take take credit for Bill Belichick's success in coaching

By WEEI 93.7

Asante Samuel isn't afraid to speak his mind and usually he says exactly how he feels.

The former Patriots cornerback didn't hold back earlier this week on Twitter when he seemed to indicate he deserves credit for Bill Belichick's success with the way he teaches cornerback play.

Samuel was drafted by Belichick and the Patriots in 2003 and spent five years in New England before playing four years in Philadelphia and two in Atlanta. He was a four-time Pro Bowler and once an All-Pro.

Here are the tweets.

Fun Fact: I made Belichick understand the cornerback position better and how to make plays in any coverage. He never agreed with the way I played but now he teaches it. #pick6 #hof

— Asante Samuel (@pick_six22) June 23, 2020

Fun Fact: When I was in Atlanta getting ready to play the Patriots before the game me, Tom, and Bill huddled up and Belichick immediately start talking shit to me. That’s how we rock! #pick6

— Asante Samuel (@pick_six22) June 23, 2020