Troy Brown will have expanded role with Patriots this season


Last year, even though Troy Brown was around the team every day beginning with training camp, he didn't even make the media guide as a coach.

That's likely because it was a trial year of sorts to see of the former Patriots wide receiver actually wanted to stick around and go through the grind of a season as a coach.

It appears Brown liked what he did, and so did Bill Belichick, as he got a promotion of sorts this offseason.

Brown was included in this year's media guide as a running backs coach working with long-time coach Ivan Fears, as well as the kick returners. 

Speaking via video conference Friday, Belichick explained Brown's role, while noting he will still work with the slot receivers.

"Troy spent the year with us last year, and of course has a tremendous amount of experience here," he said. "He’ll continue to work with other positions, as well – the returners and the slot receivers. But just given the conversations I’ve had with Troy, he’s very eager, he is a very instinctive football player and coach, I think that he was always great with the ball in his hands as a runner, he was obviously a great receiver, and I think that’s a big part of every running back’s job, and he was a strong player in the kicking game, as well. So, it was an opportunity for him to be involved with a little bit of a different group."

Brown isn't the only coach to change positions this season.

"We’ve moved a couple coaches around this year that I think just expanding their – coaching at different positions, coaching different players helps them become better all-around coaches," Belichick said. "Cole [Popovich] was with the running backs last year and this year will work with the offensive line. Stephen [Belichick] was with the safeties and will be with the outside linebackers. So, there’s I think a lot of benefit to that. Josh [McDaniels], Matt Patricia, we could go on and on about all the coaches that have switched spots around here.

"But, I think Troy has done a great job with them and he’ll certainly be involved in other things besides that, besides just the running backs."

The Patriots have been going through their COVID-19 tests this week and players will likely start getting to the facility for work Monday.