Bill Belichick reacts to Patriots' videotaping incident penalty


Remember earlier this summer when word came out the Patriots were signing Cam Newton?

Minutes after it was reported, the Patriots lost a third-round pick and were fined $1.1 million following the NFL's investigation into the videotaping incident of the Bengals sideline during a game against the Browns last December. 

It was confirmed it did not involve football operations, but because of their past history (Spygate), they lost a mid-round pick.

Because of all the excitement around Newton, as well as limited availabilities, Friday was the first time Bill Belichick was asked about the penalty.

“Obviously, the league had a long investigation on that,” he said via video conference. “But really, we’re just looking ahead. We have a lot of things in front of us here, especially getting ready for the season and all that. So, we’ve moved on. We’ll deal with what we have to do in front of us here. Just let everything go in the rearview mirror and move ahead.”

At the time, the Patriots released a statement accepting “full responsibility for the actions of our production crew," and said it had nothing to do with the football side of the organization.

While the league agreed with what the Patriots said, they still will lose a third-round pick next spring.