Tom Brady on GHS addresses Patriots' struggles on offense, wants Mohamed Sanu more involved

By WEEI 93.7

While the Patriots offense showed more life than it has in recent weeks, the end result was still just 16 points in the 23-16 loss to the Chiefs Sunday at Gillette Stadium.

The unit finished with 278 yards of total offense, its second-fewest of the season, and the red-zone struggles continued. It was 1-for-3 on the day and for the year the team is ranked 27th, scoring touchdowns on just 48 percent of its trips inside the 20-yard line.

Speaking on The Greg Hill Show Monday, Brady said the red-zone issues are not one specific thing.

“It’s a good question. I wish there was one magic thing that you could do and it would just change everything, but it’s not," he said. "It really comes down to all of us — 11 as a unit — executing well. Whether it is a run or pass, or whoever I am throwing to, I need to make a good throw and give our guys a chance to make a play. I just can focus on what my job is, which is to read it out and try and find the right matchup and try and make a good accurate throw.”

The passing game continues to really be Julian Edelman and nobody else. Against Kansas City, Brady was 8-for-12 with 95 yards throwing to him, and 11-for-24 with 74 yards to everyone else.

One player who Brady wants to get more involved is Mohamed Sanu, who finished with only one catch on Sunday. While dealing with an ankle injury, after catching 10 passes for 81 yards in his first game as a Patriot against the Ravens, he has just six catches for 31 yards in his three games since.

“We were trying to get him the ball at different times and sometimes the coverage dictated it go somewhere else, but he’s doing a great job," Brady said. "He’s a really tough, hard-nosed guy that wants the ball. He’s competitive and I have to do a better job finding him and getting him the ball because he can do good things with it. I just love the way he has come in with his attitude and he’s been a very hard-working guy. I am going to keep finding ways to get him the ball because you have to get the ball to guys who can make plays, and he’s one of them.”

As for the rest of the group, Brady is still working on finding chemistry.

“That is totally important and a process throughout the year," he said. "I don’t feel like you ever feel like you’re done with that. I would say for as long as you play you’re always trying to be on the same page. Like I said, there’s a lot of different looks you get so it is impossible to practice everything that comes up in the game. You have no idea what their plan is going to be. You can hypothesize what you think they are going to do, but ultimately when you get on the field you have to adjust to what you see and everyone has to adjust the same way.

"I think you keep working on it throughout the games and you cover them. All the things that happened yesterday you cover those, and then go through practice and keep working on them. Hopefully it pays off at some point.”