How Brian Hoyer was always going to be in New England this season


Even though Brian Hoyer was under contract with the Colts going into the offseason, he was going to be in New England no matter what this season.

Why? His family bought a home in the Foxborough area last fall.

"For me, my wife and my family we actually decided to make New England home last fall," Hoyer said last week speaking to reporters via video conference. "We bought a house here last November. We were moving back here and I planned on kind of commuting if I was still with Indianapolis. When this opportunity came I was obviously eager to jump at it."

He added: "We just felt like throughout my career event though it’s been all over the place, this just felt like home. After coming back in ’17, ’18, ‘19, my kids have their friends, my wife has her friends, we all love living here and it was just a decision where as my career gets closer to the end, the last thing I want to do is have my career end and have to make a decision one more time where to move. So we wanted to put some roots down. We’re happy about that. When I had the opportunity to come back to the Patriots, things just kind of fell in place."

Hoyer was released by the Colts after they signed Philip Rivers in March and then the Patriots quickly scooped him up.

Even with Cam Newton and Jarrett Stidham ahead of him on the depth chart, Hoyer is looking forward to the competition.

"For me, you’re still competing every day you go out," he said. "Regardless of what the spot is, it’s always a competition. Bill (Belichick) said that numerous times, you’re going to earn what you get. For me, it doesn’t matter if there’s 15 guys in the room. I’m always competing. When Tom was here I was always competing for the starting job, too. Now, I was probably never going to get that but I always competed like I was going to try to beat him out. That was the only thing I could do to try and make myself better. I think the more good players you have in a room, a group, offense, defense, team, it’s always going to rise the level of everyone else up. It’s something I’ve taken a part of before and it’s something I look forward to."

The veteran QB participated in a few of the private workouts with Patriots players earlier in the spring/summer.