Chiefs want to face Patriots again: They couldn't handle us

By WEEI 93.7

On Sunday, the Chiefs were better than the Patriots, coming away with a 23-16 win at Gillette Stadium.

Given the way the standings are playing out, there's a chance the two teams could meet again in the postseason, and members of the Chiefs would welcome it.

“We’ll be seeing them in the playoffs. Hopefully we do. I want them again,” said defensive end Frank Clark, via The Boston Globe. “They don’t have a tackle that can block us. Speed, power, whatever we were throwing at them, they couldn’t handle.”

Added owner Clark Hunt: “I absolutely think we’ll see them again. Could be back here, could be at Arrowhead (Stadium), and we’ll give them the respect they deserve.”

Clark was one of the players involved in the jawing that occurred on the Kansas City sideline when both teams gathered following Stephon Gilmore and Sammy Watkins getting into it after a play in the second half.

“Thing is, when I’m barking, I know how to back it up,” Clark said. “That’s why I talk my (smack), because I know how to back it up.”

The Chiefs defense wasn't impressed with the flea-flicker and the James White pass on a toss play from the Patriots offense.

“Any team that has to run gadgets to beat you it shows you the type of team they are,” Clark said. “We played them straight up. It wasn’t no gadgets. Played straight, hard-nosed football. If you’re Tom Brady, you know what defense we’re in, you know what’s coming at you, and they couldn’t stop it.”

Linebacker Anthony Hitchens added: “If you take away the trick plays tonight, they don’t score. They had one good drive and they kicked a field goal. But they do a good job of that. They mix it up, they just randomly throw a halfback pass or something. Good for them.”

As it stands now, the Patriots are the No. 2 seed in the AFC at 10-3, while the Chiefs are the No. 3 seed at 9-4.