Tom Brady responds to question of if Saturday could be final game as member of Patriots

By WEEI 93.7

FOXBOROUGH -- As a free agent after the season, Saturday could very well be Tom Brady's final game as a member of the Patriots.

Bill Belichick was asked about the possibility earlier in the day Thursday, and Brady himself was asked the same question later on at his weekly press conference.

“I am not much for nostalgia," he said. "I am just pretty focused on what I need to do and this week has felt like pretty much every other week for the last 20 years.”

Brady later added: “I haven’t thought about those things and I wouldn’t be thinking about those things anyway. It’s felt like a normal week for me. I just approach practice like I always have and try and do the best I can do. That is what I am going to do this weekend, as well.”

But, has he at least heard people discussing the possibility?

“I haven’t turned a TV on," Brady said. "It is probably not the best (thing) to do after we lose to turn the TV on and listen to all you guys’ shows and stuff like that. There probably weren’t too many great things happening. I tried to lay low this week.”

The Patriots will host the Titans Saturday night on Wild Card Weekend. It is the first time the team has not had a first-round bye since 2009.

The 42-year-old, who is coming off a well below average statistical season, could get a lot of money thrown his way from a team this offseason who is looking to make a big splash.