David Ortiz in heated legal battle with mother of his youngest son

By WEEI 93.7

David Ortiz is in the middle of a spirited legal battle in the Dominican Republic with the mother of his youngest son.

Ortiz and Fary Almanzar Fernandez, who is the mother of their 12-year-old son David, have obtained restraining orders against each other in recent days.

“For the last 12 years, I have always provided significant financial support to the mother of my 12-year-old son, David, who is a loving member of my family,” Ortiz said Tuesday in a statement via his spokesman, Joe Baerlein, to the Boston Globe. “That support has included housing as well as financial support for David’s education and well-being.”

Fernandez wants more financial support and the restraining order wants him to stay away from her and refrain from “annoying, intimidating, or threatening” her.

“I regret that David’s mother has chosen to use the courts to assert a baseless claim against me in the form of a restraining order,” Ortiz said. “I have not seen her in person for over a year, and since then communication between us has overwhelmingly been limited to texts.”

On Monday night, Ortiz's son David posted a video on social media of a disagreement between Ortiz and Fernandez at a home Ortiz owns, but allow David and his mother use. Ortiz apparently was there to check on renovations.

Baerlein said Ortiz had a good relationship with his son until this.

“It’s unfortunate that Fary and her mother have used his son as a pawn in the financial disputes between David and Fary,” he said. “He feels very badly about that.”

Per Baerlein, Ortiz has purchased a home for David and put it in a trust for when he becomes an adult and also bought Fernandez a condominium for her and David to live in at the Naco Blue Tower in Santo Domingo. But, Fernandez does not like it since it was the home of drug lord Cesar Peralta before he was arrested last year.

Ortiz and his wife Tiffany have two children, Alexandra and D’Angelo, and Ortiz also has another daughter, Jessica, from a previous relationship in the Dominican Republic.

This all comes roughly a year after Ortiz almost died following being shot in Dominican Republic where 14 people have been arrested in connection with the crime, but a motive still is unknown.

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