Devin, Jason McCourty explain how they will stay involved with current events

By WEEI 93.7

Devin and Jason McCourty are very active in the community and are always well aware of current events.

With the recent protests taking place across the country, the McCourty twins are staying involved by doing their part through the NFL Players Coalition.

“I know one of the biggest things for us is being part of the Players Coalition," Devin said on Sunday's Double Coverage Podcast. "I think one of the best things because of what has happened is it has really opened the conversation to get more of our teammates involved and talked to them. We recently have put out a little letter than we’re going to come out with probably [Monday> that involves the Players Coalition. That will always be our thing.

“I think with the different protests depending on where we’re at and what area we’re in, being out there to help out and different things like that. One of the main things we continue to talk about is being part of that change. We’ve done a lot of things in legislation so far with policy. I think that is something we want to continue to do to bring the necessary changes to help our people and communities with black and brown people. We’re going to continue to do that through the Players Coalition. I am sure in the next weeks and months coming up, you will see the Players Coalition heavily involved in a lot of things in this country.”

Jason added: “Like he said, whether it is signing petitions, phone calls, donating money, all of those things are things we’re trying to do to make sure we’re involved in and we’re doing things as well. We’re making sure we convince everybody to go out and vote and get elective officials into office that are going to help progress what we all believe in.”

Also on the podcast, Devin explained what conversations have been like in recent days with the Patriots as the team has taken time to discuss current events.

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— Devin&Jason McCourty (@McCourtyTwins) June 7, 2020