Devin McCourty calls out ESPN: 'You don’t need to air Rex Ryan'

By WEEI 93.7

Last Friday on ESPN's "Get Up!," Rex Ryan called wide receiver Amari Cooper a "turd" and someone who doesn't love football.

He later apologized for using that word, but that came after ESPN surfaced the clip on its social media accounts.

Speaking on his The Double Coverage podcast along with his twin brother Sunday, Devin McCourty wasn't thrilled.

“I just wanted to call ESPN and say, ‘ESPN, listen. You have the Jordan documentary coming out. You don’t need to air Rex Ryan,’" he said. “Like, you don’t need that. Ratings are going to go through the roof. When you drop the Jordan doc, it’s a wrap. As soon as Rex Ryan said that, (ESPN) should have cut it, should have never had it on air. Whatever (they) had to do, just cut it. Throw it in the trash. The Jordan doc is going to drop. We don’t need any extra hits for nonsense.”

Jason didn't like it either.

“To me, the crazy thing was after he said it, ‘Get Up!’ posted it on Twitter, ESPN retweeted it on Twitter,” he said. “Everybody was all-in on this ‘turd’ comment. I guess, at the same time, it’s all about entertainment — how can we get more viewers, how can we get people to click this, click that? But at what point in the game can you call somebody a turd? Whether he’s a good player or not a good player, it was just bad ball all around.”

Cooper recently signed a five-year extension with the Cowboys.