Do Your Job Part III, America's Game: 2018 Patriots coming soon

By WEEI 93.7

Patriots fans already can't wait for Week 1, and with the content coming on NFL Network they will want it to come even faster.

Do Your Job Part III: Bill Belichick and the 2018 Patriots and America’s Game: 2018 Patriots will premiere Wednesday, Sept. 4 beginning at 8 p.m.

Do Your Job III focuses on the game-planning aspect of the postseason, mostly the AFC title game against the Chiefs.

“We were adaptable. Tom [Brady], if he’s supposed to hand it off 37 times and win that way then he’ll do it. If we need him to throw it 52 times, then he’ll do that too. It’s the same way Bill [Belichick] is. Bill doesn’t care if we have to win 43-40 or 13-10. The willingness to be able to do that is really a special trait," Josh McDaniels says.

Meanwhile, America's Game has interviews with Julian Edelman (first subject to be interviewed three times for America’s Game), Rob Gronkowski, and Devin and Jason McCourty (first time there has been a dual interview done for America’s Game).

“Whenever you’re at the top like that, people just make up stuff saying that the Patriots dynasty is done. They’ve said it every year, and one year they will be right. But they’ve never been right yet," Gronkowski says.

The Patriots will host the Steelers Sunday, Sept. 8 on Sunday Night Football.