Adam Schefter on GHS gives updates on Tom Brady contract, Rob Gronkowski, Josh Gordon

By WEEI 93.7

Even though it's the start of the third week of Patriots training camp, there's a lot going on with the team.

The biggest news being Tom Brady reportedly signing a contract extension to create cap space and give him the money he deserves for this year. With that being said, he's still being viewed as year-to-year.

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show, ESPN's Adam Schefter shared his thoughts on the deal and what it means for the future.

“They can spread it out from a cap standpoint and they can soften the blow and can do things like that," he said. "Keep in mind you can’t re-do a contract within a calendar year, so again, they would have to wait until next August 4 or 5, whenever the contract is entered with the NFL to do it. But, it’s not a big deal. I don’t believe that you are going to get big savings from Tom Brady during the offseason next year. You have his salary locked in where it’s right now. They could always adjust later on in the summer during camp.

"They have gone through all these scenarios. It wasn’t like they couldn’t get an agreement done and now they are going to be under the gun in the offseason next season — they knew exactly what they were doing with the entire situation. I don’t think Tom Brady is ever leaving. I don’t think he’s walking out the door. I don’t think he’s threatening to hold out. There’s certain things that just transcend sports and it’s so hard to imagine it could go any other way than that.”

The new deal created $5.5 million of cap space for the team, which could go to a lot of things, including potentially to Rob Gronkowski if he decides to return. Schefter said Gronkowski will likely miss the game once the regular season starts, but is unsure at this time if it will be enough for him to want to return.

"Listen, if you want to bring up Gronk in this, when they freed up the $5.5 (million) yesterday, in the back of my mind I wondered, ‘Oh, that might come in handy if Rob does decide he wants to play later in the season, October or November, which who knows,’" Schefter said. "But, that is the kind of thing you want to have, that rainy day, slush fund money in your back pocket just in case something like that happens.”

Lastly, Josh Gordon still remains indefinitely suspended by the NFL. Schefter explained his status is a big mystery to not only the media, but even to the Patriots organization. As of Sunday, Schefter said one member of the organization still had no idea what was happening.

“The interesting thing is a lot of people within the Patriots organization don’t know the answer to that because the NFL is so private about those situations and Josh had some people in his life, he changed things up from a professional standpoint, the people he is working with," said Schefter. "He’s continuously done this. I think everybody would love to see Josh Gordon come back, but the truth of the matter is there have been so many setbacks along the way that if he does, it’s just gravy.

"They can’t count on him to be back. And even if he does come back, I don’t know if they can count on him staying back. If he comes back and plays six games, that is a bonus for this team and it is six games more than maybe they expect to get. It’s not like they have these daily updates on Josh Gordon and know exactly what’s going on.”

The Patriots are in Detroit this week for joint practices with the Lions before Thursday's preseason game.