Trent Brown declares himself best pass protector in NFL, seems primed for big pay day


Trent Brown did well for himself this year.

In his first year with the Patriots, as well as being in a contract year, Brown had a tremendous season protecting Tom Brady's blindside on the way to the team winning Super Bowl LIII. This leaves the 25-year-old as one of the better players on the open market this March when free agency opens.

Appearing on Adam Schefter's podcast Monday, Brown was asked if he would want to return to New England?

“That’s definitely something I would love,” Brown said. “But hey, we’re going to cross that bridge when we get there.”

Brown further went into detail on what he's looking for from his next team (or the Patriots), and it appears he's preparing himself for a big pay day.

“Hopefully, it’s somewhere where I can build some longevity, somewhere that’ll be a great place and great fit schematically, in the locker room, on the field and also a great fit for my family, as well,” he said.

Schefter later asked him if there's a better pass protector in the league right now, and Brown simply said, "No sir."

“I’m an athlete with a huge frame, and I can move just as well as a guy who’s 6-3, 320,” Brown added. “And I move a lot better than those guys in some cases — most cases, I’d say. I credit that to my dad for not allowing me to play with kids my age when I was growing up. I always played with age groups above the age of my own, and then finding out that some of those kids were actually way older than I was. I remember I was five, and some of those kids were in middle school already. A lot of times, that kind of stuff goes on in little league football. I’m sure you’ve heard how the birth certificates get fudged and all that stuff. But growing up, I was always a skill player, and I just started playing offensive line when I got to high school, really.”

Given how good of a year Brown had, as well as his age, he seems primed for a huge payday and with Isaiah Wynn back in the mix at tackle, the Patriots appear to be in a spot to move on and hope Wynn can fill the void at a much, much cheaper price.