Cam Newton bringing his own energy, fun to Patriots


When Tom Brady left New England after 20 years in March, there were a lot of questions with how things would go in 2020.

One of the biggest questions came regarding the excitement level not only in terms of fan interest, but with the players themselves. Fast forward a few months to Cam Newton’s arrival and those questions are no more.

Newton is bringing his own excitement to the organization.

It started from the moment his signing became official with a number of social media comments from his new teammates and even a well-produced hype video from the official team Twitter account. Now that Newton has had a chance to meet his new teammates in person over the past few weeks, the enthusiasm has continued.

"It's been exciting," Isaiah Wynn said via video conference Monday. “He definitely brings a good energy, brings a nice juice with it. It's been good."

Julian Edelman added: “He’s a specimen, for sure. When you first meet him — just his stature, the dude is large, put together well and he has great energy. He has a great energy about himself. I was really impressed with his work ethic and his mindset.”

Newton’s energy could be a welcomed addition to the offense and team as a whole. While what Brady did for the team and organization was undeniable, he did say himself last season he was the most miserable 8-0 quarterback in NFL history. It seems Brady rode a roller coaster of emotions the last several seasons, and being around him on a daily basis it would be hard for his teammates not to notice.

Based on Newton’s first few weeks as a member of the Patriots, he appears genuinely thrilled to be part of the organization.

“Listen, I am still constantly, I don’t want to say disbelief at this particular point in time, but it’s just a surreal moment," he said during his video conference last week. "Nobody really knows how excited I am just to be part of this organization in (more) ways than one. Just following up such a powerful dynasty that is rich with so much prestige, lineage of success, that for me a lot of people would hide from the notion to do certain things, but for me I think this opportunity is something I wake up pinching myself every day. It’s so surreal coming down One Patriot Place every single day seeing the whole ambiance.

"Not only that, but seeing so much support around the city of Boston and Foxborough. It’s just such a great environment for not only myself, but players included. It’s crazy.” 

While Brady would have no reason to have a quote like that after being with the team for 20 years, it’s a new mentality at the position.

It’s also a new experience with the media.

For years, all of the Patriots quarterback press conferences have been full of cliches and for the most part sticking to Bill Belichick’s way of doing things by not revealing much. There was a lot of reading into answers opposed to actually going on the answers themselves.

That is no longer the case with Newton.

Newton’s first video conference last week lasted nearly 20 minutes (Brady’s rarely went longer than 10) and it was full of genuine, thoughtful responses. There’s no way every single press conference moving forward will be as positive as the first, but knowing who Newton is, the genuineness will not go away. That is just who he is.

The QB will not be able to be Brady when it comes to certain things, but he already seems to be bringing an equal level of fun and excitement.

Superman has arrived.