James White explains how his role will change without Tom Brady


The Patriots offense will look a lot different this season without Tom Brady at quarterback with different players needing to step up, while others may be asked to do different things.

That's also the case off the field, as for a player like James White, he knows he needs to be more of a leader and perhaps speak up more than usual.

“Usually I don’t say anything and now I am one of those guys on offense — I am going to have to say something," White said Sunday on the McCourty Twins' Double Coverage podcast. "We don’t have that many guys who have played in our offense besides me, Julian (Edelman), Brandon Bolden, David Andrews, Marcus Cannon — guys like that. Some of them, they don’t talk that much as well. We’re all going to have to speak up, voice our opinions a little bit more, let the younger guys know how we do things as an offense and make sure everybody is on the same page, especially now having less practice time. I think it is going to be even more important. Who knows if we’re going to have one week, two weeks, a month to get ready for a game. It is going to be extremely important for all of us to speak up and be on the same page.”

White, who is a team captain, is entering his seventh season with the team and he's come a long way since he only appeared in three games as a rookie.

“It changed a lot," he said when reflecting on how his role has changed over the years. "My rookie year I didn’t play at all pretty much. Coming into my second year I still didn’t play until Dion (Lewis) got hurt and then I finally got my opportunity to play. At that point I was just playing, trying to do my job and execute as an offensive player. As the years have progressed and having more success, guys in the locker room are going to start looking to you, asking for advice, things of that nature.

"For me, it is just learning to speak up more. As you know, I am a pretty quiet guy. I don’t talk too much. I only say things when they need to be said. I am constantly learning to speak my mind sometimes because that is a part where I am still continuing to try and grow.”

Besides Edelman, White may be the biggest offensive threat the Patriots offense has at the moment.