Ian Rapoport on D&K: NFL will handle Patriots video situation 'pretty quickly'


By now everyone is aware of the situation involving the Patriots at the Bengals-Browns game Sunday in Cleveland.

A member of Kraft Sports Productions was at the game for a "Do Your Job" feature on the personnel department. Part of it was on an advance scout's job and they do that by going to the Patriots' next opponents game and focusing on what they do on the sideline. To capture this, video was shot of the Bengals sideline during the game, which of course is illegal.

It was shot not knowing it was illegal and had nothing to do with the football department and the team is taking full responsibility.

As for a penalty from the league, NFL Media's Ian Rapoport expects it to come soon.

“I would imagine this gets handled pretty quickly," he said on Tuesday's Dale & Keefe show.

Rapoport added: “I would imagine a fine, if there is a punishment. I don’t know for sure that there really is going to be. If it is an independent contractor (doing it) with no knowledge of anyone involved in football, and like just from a pure human standpoint, did Bill Belichick reach out to an independent contractor from Kraft films to see if they could get shot of the Bengals sideline, considering they have gone 1-12? Some of that, the motive seems far-fetched, I’ll say that. We’ll see what the NFL comes down with, but to me, if it is anything, if it is something like the Patriots should have cleared it with the NFL, and have cleared it with the Bengals and they didn’t, here’s the punishment, potentially you’re talking about a fine.”

The Patriots will take on the Bengals Sunday in Cincinnati