Jason McCourty gives shoutout to people working overtime at Gillette Stadium to keep players safe


Before Jason McCourty spoke via video conference Friday, he made sure to give a special thanks to some people inside of Gillette Stadium.

McCourty noted the number of people working overtime to keep everyone safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I just wanted to address throughout this COVID, it’s been awesome to be back in the building," he said. "I guess it kind of goes unnoticed, but different people in our building from our football operations to the people in our dining room, to the people in the equipment room, trainers, there’s been so many people that have gone above and beyond to kind of make this season happen.

"There are things going on in our building from spacing, to the chefs and everybody in the back cooking every meal for each individual and personally packing it -- there’s been a lot of people who have probably worked overtime and done double on what they do on every other year.

"I just wanted to shout them out and just talk about what they have done to make training camp happen for us, a lot of that — no one kind of knows it, no one speaks about it, but there have been a lot of people within our building that have taken on multiple jobs than they typically do.”

Speaking last week, Bill Belichick spoke to how Gillette Stadium looks.

"We have a stadium; we have a big facility," he said. "I know there are other teams that are dealing in a much smaller training facility. We have a lot of big spaces and open space that we can work with, and that’s very helpful in the environment that we’re in. We have great food service and a big training room and weight room and so forth. So, we’re able to accommodate with the visitor’s locker room – when you add that in – we’re able to accommodate I think 80 people pretty comfortably. Of course, we have some plexiglass and things like that up that take things a step further, but we’re able to handle the number of people and what we would normally do. It’s been pretty effective.

"Again, we’re not walking across the hall to a meeting. We’re walking maybe down the end of the tunnel to it, but to me, those are relatively minor things. I’d say overall, we’re doing things pretty close to the way we normally do them with, as I said, more masks, more plexiglass for sure. I don’t know what the plexiglass bill around here is, but it’s got to be pretty high."

The Patriots will begin full-padded practices on Monday.