Josh McDaniels will not be going to Carolina, so where do things stand with him now?

By WEEI 93.7

Carolina and owner David Tepper are not messing around.

According to multiple reports, the Panthers have hired former Baylor coach Matt Rhule as their next head coach. He was scheduled to interview with the Giants Tuesday, but they did not let him leave town without a deal.

Josh McDaniels was scheduled to interview there Tuesday, which now obviously will not happen. This leaves McDaniels with interviews on Wednesday with the Giants and Friday with the Browns.

So, where do things stand for the Patriots' offensive coordinator?

The Giants haven't really felt like a great fit, as McDaniels does not necessarily see eye-to-eye with general manager Dave Gettleman. Could the Giants like McDaniels so much that they would be willing to part ways with Gettleman and allow McDaniels to bring in his own personnel man? It seems like that is the only way McDaniels would take the job.

It isn't a bad job, either.

There's young offensive pieces in place with quarterback Daniel Jones and running back Saquon Barkley. Also, given the turnover at head coach of late, it would seem like the next one will be given a few years to establish himself and get back to their old winning ways. The next coach will be given the chance to win, so the job stability is there.

Rhule appeared to be the Giants' top choice, so do now they turn all their focus towards McDaniels?

[UPDATE: 11:30 a.m.]: The Giants have reportedly hired former Patriots special teams wide receivers coach Joe Judge as their next head coach.

As for Cleveland? It's really anyone's guess.

There certainly are quite a bit of positives associated with the job (hometown team, Baker Mayfield at quarterback), but also some negatives (how much of a role does Paul DePodesta have?).

McDaniels reportedly wanted the job last offseason, but was never interviewed. Given their turnover of late at head coach, there likely will be job stability there as well. From a talent perspective, the Browns have the most of any teams looking for a head coach.

Cleveland has interviewed a number of people over the last week and will continue to do so this week. It's unclear exactly who their top choice is, although some have said it is McDaniels. But, if that were the case, why are they waiting until Friday to interview him?

This is a big week for McDaniels, as it really does feel like if he gets an offer he will take it and depart New England. But if he doesn't and returns to New England, doesn't that increase the chances of a Tom Brady return as well?

We'll see how it goes.