Patriots trading for Josh Rosen doesn’t seem likely, but not impossible


Following the NFL combine, it sure feels like the Cardinals will select Kyler Murray with the No. 1 overall pick and thus trade away Josh Rosen, who was selected No. 10 overall last season.

So, where does Rosen land and what exactly is he worth?

On the NFL Network broadcast of the combine over the weekend, NFL Media draft expert Daniel Jeremiah said if he were the Patriots he would trade the No. 32 overall pick to the Cardinals for Rosen “yesterday.” Then, NBC Sports’ Peter King wrote Monday this would be “worth investigating,” and heard from a general manager the cost for Rosen would only be a third-round pick.

This is where the rumors really gained steam in New England. 

A third-round pick for a top-10 pick just a year ago who has a live arm? Seems like a no-brainer regardless of how long Tom Brady has left. His contract, as pointed out by Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, has it make even more sense, but at the same time indicates he’s probably worth more than just a third-rounder.

“Rosen’s contract only has $6.2 million left over the next three years. … That is a steal,” Florio said Tuesday on Mut & Callahan. “That is why I don’t believe Rosen is only worth a third-round pick. I think the contract makes him worth more. He plays a critical position, and I think the Cardinals if they decide to move on from him and take Kyler Murray, they should be able to get more than a three.”

If the Cardinals were in fact going to deal Rosen for a third-round pick, the Patriots likely would be one of the first teams on the phone. It wouldn’t cost them much money at all — $2 million basically, which is what they are paying Brian Hoyer — but he also comes with the chance of potentially being Brady’s successor, which Hoyer isn’t. Considering the team isn’t going to use all 12 of its selections in April’s draft, it can afford to trade away a few. So, for just a third-rounder it would be a no-brainer.

But, as the price gets higher (as high as a first-round pick), that is when it becomes more difficult for the Patriots. Unless they absolutely believe Rosen is their QB of the future, then it seems unlikely to happen. And if they really did, they likely would have moved up to get him last year.

While the Patriots certainly will likely be paying close attention to what is happening with Rosen in Arizona, him coming to New England feels more like a pipe dream than anything.