Marcus Smart wants younger players to take coronavirus more seriously

By WEEI 93.7

Marcus Smart is one of the growing list of athletes to test positive for COVID-19 as the Celtics guard tested positive back in March.

Speaking to reporters via Zoom Tuesday, Smart urged younger players in the league to take the coronavirus more seriously.

“It’s really concerning because unfortunately, those are the ones that is the problem," he said referring to the cases like himself where there's no symptoms. "Because you go out there and you’re asymptomatic, you don’t know it and you go to your Grandma or you have a kid and go home to your kid, your wife, she’s pregnant, you never know. You don’t know because you don’t feel anything, so you’re like, ‘I don’t need to get tested. I feel fine.’ then you’re spreading it and now it’s everywhere and it’s out of control even more than what it is.”

He added: “Us older guys, and especially guys who have had COVID, like me, really express and really chewing down on the fact to take it as serious as possible. I think the younger guys are going to have some skepticism but I think as veteran guys and other guys on the team, we’ll have to do our part to keep those guys, I guess, in a sense, under control and just understanding that although you might not take it as serious, but you are putting other people at risk and they take it seriously, so you have to respect them.”

After testing positive, Smart donated his plasma and urged everyone who has recovered from the virus to do the same.

“You went in, they took the blood,” Smart said. “You see it: You got the blood going on end, the plasma going to the other, then they put the blood right back into your system. It was about an hour, hour 15 minutes little process. But it was harmless, it was painless, and it was a great experience. I encourage everyone, if you have the antibodies, to go donate because, like I said, you don’t know whose life you might change or help with that.”

Smart and the rest of the NBA will resume the season later this month in Orlando.