For one season, Matt Light picks Bill Belichick over Tom Brady


In an appearance on The Greg Hill Show Tuesday, former Patriots tackle Matt Light was asked a simple question.

In one season during his playing career, if he had to pick one person to have, Bill Belichick or Tom Brady, who would he choose?

“I think you’ve got to go with Bill and here’s why — and it took me awhile even in retirement to look back and really appreciate the job that a coaching staff has to do — trust me, I appreciated my coaches," Light said. "There’s a few of them who I didn’t potentially, but for the most part I did and the job that these guys do -- being in retirement and being in the real world and trying to organize and motivate and keep people on track, it’s not easy.

"When I think back on the job that Bill did, the consistent approach that he took to each and every day, it really is amazing. People that have been around him, write books about it, you watch the moves that he makes and you’re scratching your head going, ‘that makes no sense,’ and then they win a championship. It’s pretty mind-boggling. 

“And the fact I did play a season without Tommy. It wasn’t a great season, but it was a good season and no disrespect to my man No. 12, but in Bill we trust, right? God love him.”

Here's Light's full appearance.