Matthew Slater waited a long time for first career touchdown


ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Matthew Slater waited a long time for what he experienced Sunday -- 183 NFL games to be exact.

Slater finally scored his first NFL touchdown in the Patriots' 16-10 win over the Bills.

“I think I stopped thinking about getting one a while ago,” Slater said. “Man, I’m just real thankful for that. I thank God for putting me in the position. I guess if you play long enough, you get a bone eventually. Pretty cool.”In the first quarter, the Patriots went all-in on a punt block and the Bills were not prepared. J.C. Jackson easily blocked Corey Bojorquez's kick and the ball fell right into Slater's hands.

All he had to do was run the 11 remaining yards to the end zone for his first career score.

“You dream of, as a kid, being able to score," he said. "And even being 34 years old, I’m still a kid, so I can dream. Man, God is good. That was fun.”

Slater made sure to credit Jackson.

“That was something that we felt good about,” Slater said. “J.C. did a great job of timing it up. I can’t ever remember a vice corner blocking a punt since I’ve been here, so (he did) a great job of timing it up, and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. But that’s just really him just making a play and taking advantage of a look that we saw.”

Ultimately, the score was the game-winner as the Patriots offense struggled all afternoon long.